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Schotland met mijn oudste zoon, deel 2

Na de overtocht met DFDS en twee overnachtingen in Edinburgh, met een bezoek aan The Vaults van de Scotch Malt Whisky Society, zat het eerste deel van onze trip er weer op. De koffers werden weer ingepakt en we vervolgden onze reis naar de tweede stad waar we zouden overnachten.

Visiting the Stauning Distillery in Denmark

When my family starts planning to go on vacation my wife and I have a very different approach. She’s a Travel Counsellor and therefor she is the one planning the trip and the accomodations. I’m a whiskyblogger so I go searching for interesting stuff to write about. In 2014 this resulted in a nice friendship with Jean and Martine Donnay at the Glann Ar Mor Distillery in France. In 2015 I found out that there would be a distillery I could visit as well! This vacation was in Denmark, the distillery I visited was Stauning Danish Whisky in Skjern.