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Signatory Vintage, Cambus 24yo

Deze Single Grain whisky maakte deel uit van de cask strength proeverij die we laatst presenteerden. Zelf had ik deze al een tijdje in mijn collectie maar kon er nog niet over schrijven. Wij maken immers nooit vooraf bekend welke whisky’s we gaan schenken. De proeverij is geweest dus hier is ie dan! De 24yo Cambus die gebotteld werd door Signatory Vintage in hun Cask Strength serie.

Gordon & MacPhail Glentauchers 1996

Recently we’ve been tasting some very nice but very expensive whisky from the Special Releases 2016 series by Diageo. Now it’s time to get back to a more affordable whisky, also from a very nice series. Gordon & MacPhail sent us some samples from their Wood makes the whisky campaign and the Glentauchers sample is the first one to be reviewed.

Special Releases 2016, Port Ellen 37yo

And now, the end is near… The last sample of Diageo’s Special Releases 2016 is in our glencairns. As you may remeber, last week we had to make a difficult choice between two closed distilleries. Quite a luxurious choice as well. It’s not every week we have to make a choice between a 38yo Brora and a 37yo Port Ellen. We chose the Brora first so now it’s time to taste the Port Ellen.

Special Releases 2016, Cambus 40yo

This is our last whiskyreview of 2016 so let’s make it a special one. Special because this whisky is part of the Diageo Special Releases 2016 series and also special because it’s the first single grain whisky we’ve ever reviewed on our website. The third reason this whisky is special is the fact that the distillery has been closed since 1993. Today we review the 40yo Cambus single grain whisky.

Special Releases 2016, Auchroisk 25yo

Here we go again! Time to taste and review the next sample of the Diageo Special Releases 2016 series. This time it’s a whisky by a distillery Peter and I are both no experts in. Peter once had an independently bottled version and I’m quite sure I had a taste of that one too. We’re tasting the 25yo Auchroisk. I guess you might say we’re both “Auchrookies”.

Special Releases 2016, Glenkinchie 24yo

Another week, another review of one of the Diageo Special Releases 2016. Again it’s a “Classic Malts” whisky. Despite being one of the classics I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a dram of Glenkinchie. What a way to have a first encounter with this distillery. Peter did have a 20cl bottle of the standard 12yo once but that was some years ago. We’re both very curious about this sample so let’s get started.

Special Releases 2016, Cragganmore

This múst be the best hobby ever! That’s how I felt when a very special package was delivered in november 2016. The content? A complete Special Releases 2016 sampleset accompanied by a nice book and a flashdrive with the official photo’s. This kind of “homework” is the best gift a whiskyblogger can get. Christmas seems to be early this year. Thanks Diageo!

Uitverkoren voor de Special Releases van 2016

WhiskyOss draaide eind 2016 inmiddels al ruim 3 jaar mee in de bloggerswereld. In die periode beschreven we al een aantal hele mooie whisky’s. Deels omdat we ze zelf aankochten maar soms ook omdat we mooie samples mochten ontvangen. Ook via het Online Whisky Collectief mocht ik al een paar hele mooie drams beoordelen. Sommige distillery’s als Brora en Port Ellen bleven voor ons echter nog steeds buiten bereik. Dan ineens wordt je gebeld door een vertegenwoordiger van Diageo.