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Turret’s Cask; The Glenturret Distillery revisited

In 2018 I took my family on a trip to the Highlands. Not a whiskytrip but a familyholiday this time. Of course I did my homework and that’s how I knew about a new handfill bottling at the Glenturret distillery. When I visited this distillery with Peter in 2016 we both filled a bottle from the Gerard Butler cask. Now Turret, one of the distillery cats, has a cask named after him and well, being in the neighborhood, I wouldn’t mind having another handfilled Glenturret in my collection. A daytrip from our cottage in Killin to Perth brought us past Crieff and the lovely distillery.

Whiskytrip 2016, Part 3 Glenturret

The third distillery we visited in the 2016 whiskytrip was the Glenturret Distillery just outside Crieff. We had something very special planned and booked at Glenturret so we didn’t want to be late. We were going to do the Blending Experience ánd handfill a bottle after that. Wouldn’t want to miss thát!