The wood makes the whisky, Bunnahabhain peated 8yo

door | november 4, 2020

Jeroen already wrote about our early Christmas present from Gordon & MacPhail (G&M). A very nice book with some good information about the influence of the casks used by G&M and some wonderfull samples. We are going to taste the four samples we received one by one. The first one is the 8 years old peated version of the Bunnahabhain Distillery.

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures will drop, so it’s time to enjoy an evening with a peated dram by a burning woodstove. Bunnahabhain is not completely new for me, I had some in my own collection and tasted some very nice drams from other collections. Only this time I´m in a very nice setting and I can take all the time I need to really enjoy this one!

Bunnahabhain 8 years old
Heavily peated
The MacPhail´s collection

Smoke, fresh, malt, a bit of sweet light fruits and nuts. With a nice hint of peat.

First a bit soft, fresh and sweet, but soon the peat arrives with tastes of salt and meat.

Finish: Medium, sweet and peat!

This is a good Single Malt in a very nice price range!
I’m already looking forward to taste the next one in line.

Thanks Gordon and MacPhail.

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