Speyburn 1989, G & M Connoisseurs Choice

door | november 11, 2020

All good things come to an end and so it’s time to review the last sample we received from Maturation Expert Gordon & MacPhail. I’m curious to see if we’ve managed to save the best for last although the Glen Elgin sure was a great dram… At least this is the oldest whisky from this series.

The whisky was distilled in the Speyburn distillery in the heart of the Speyside. The distillery was founded here in 1897 by John Hopkins because of watersupply coming from the Granty Burn, one of the major tributaries to the river Spey. The distillery uses one wash still and one spirit still creating one million liters of alcohol each year. Some of the spirit is used for official bottlings, some casks are sold to independent bottlers. In this case Gordon & MacPhail had two hogsheads filled with spirit from 1989 to let them mature in their own warehouses.

The whisky was bottled with a stated age of 28 years. No caramel coloring or chillfiltration was used. Only water was used to bring the ABV back to 46%. This resulted in a batch of only 502 bottles. Let’s have a go.

Notes by Peter

  • Nose: Nice and fresh, melon and lemon. Some ripe banana too.
  • Taste: Again fresh, tropical fruits, herbs , vanilla, charred wood and some sweetness.
  • Finish: Long fruity and barley.

This is a very nice Speyburn and I think the best I’ve ever had. Well balanced and a very nice mouthfeel. 

Notes by Jeroen

  • Nose: Very fresh and fruity. Tropical fruit that is, mango, pineapple and some melon as well. 
  • Taste: A hint of spice. Green tea with lemon. Again the tropical fruity notes.
  • Finish: Subtle sweet fruit with a bit of a drying sensation. Again green tea. 

This Speyburn is a very nice example of very good interaction between spirit and hogsheads. 

 Thanks Gordon & MacPhail for the very nice set of samples!

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