Gordon & MacPhail Glen Grant 1954

door | november 9, 2020

Normally we taste whisky’s at ages between (at least) 3 and 25yo. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to taste 40 yo whisky’s and on very rare occasions we get our hands on whisky’s that are even older than that. This is a blog about a rare occasion made possible by Gordon & MacPhail.

A few weeks ago a DHL car parked at my frontdoor. This could mean two things. Either my wife has ordered some something or Gordon & MacPhail has sent us something. Yes, I recognize the brown package from Scotland from previous samples. This time it’s not a sample in the Wood makes the whisky campaign. It’s a sample from the Rare Vintage Collection! A 59yo Glen Grant, distilled in april 1954 and bottled in february 2014 makes it almost 60yo. This should be something special…

The first fill sherry puncheon that was used for maturing the spirit had casknumber 1822. This single cask edition is bottled at an ABV of 40% and 610 bottles were filled.

  • Nose: Beeswax, leather, cherries, red fruit, apple and a hint of methol
  • Taste: Full bodied, creamy mouthfeel. Summer fruits, berries, apple, menthol, licorice and some cigar ashes. Lovely balance!
  • Finish: It’s a bit short but the taste is very nice!

We’d like to thank Gordon & MacPhail for giving us a chance to taste yet another great and very old whisky!

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