Gordon & MacPhail Glen Elgin 1998

door | november 9, 2020

March 2017 gave me a cold for a few weeks. It’s so frustrating if your nose and mouth cannot recognize all the hidden aroma’s that fill the glass. That cold is over and so it’s time to enjoy again. The sample we’re reviewing was sent to us by bottler Gordon & MacPhail as a part of their Wood Makes the Whisky campaign.

The Glen Elgin Distillery was built in 1898 a few miles south of Elgin. Peter and I visited Elgin in 2014 but we didn’t get to go to this distillery. We didn’t have a lot of chances to taste the whisky they’re making either. Most of the distilled spirit eventually ends up as part of one of the Diageo blends and of course there is the 12yo distillery bottling. Some of the whisky is sold to independent bottlers as well. Gordon & MacPhail in the top three of independent bottlers of Glen Elgin whisky.

This particular whisky was distilled in 1998. Refill sherry casks were used to mature the whisky until bottling took place in October 2014. Being part of the Connoisseurs Choice series it was bottled at an ABV of 46%. No artificial colour was added and no chill filtering was used. Let’s see how the wood influenced this whisky.

Notes by Peter

  • Nose: sweet oranges, sherry, a bit of smokiness and tabacco.
  • Taste: A bit sharp with a dry mouthfeel. Sweet dried fruit, herbs, oranges and apple.
  • Finish: Medium long with lots oif fruit and sweetness.

A nice Whisky! I’m going to try some more Glen Elgin.

Notes by Jeroen

  • Nose: Nice and sweet. Oranges and cherries. Dried fruits, raisins.
  • Taste: Oranges, dried fruits and hint of spice. Later I get some berry notes too.
  • Finish: Nice length, nice sweet sherry notes.

Very drinkable. Not bad at all. I guess I’ll be looking out for more Glen Elgin whisky’s.

Thanks Gordon & MacPhail for sending us this sample!

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