Orkney 10yo Hogshead by Claxton’s

door | november 11, 2020

The same bottler but another sample resulting in another blog. The label on this sample says it’s distilled at an undisclosed Orkney distillery. Luckily there aren’t that many distilleries on Orkney so will it be the heathery and slightly peated Highland Park or the more honeylike and unpeated Scapa? Let’s find out.

I haven’t had that much experience with Scapa. I did have a few Highland Park expressions in my whiskyglas. Most of them were independently bottled. The only official Highland Park bottling I’ve had in my collection was the Dark Origins. Not being very experienced in the Orkney whisky’s I’ll just have a go at the sample.

The whisky was distilled in march 2007. Part of the batch was used to fill a hogshead with casknumber 1836-008. Claxton’s Spirits bought the cask and recently they decided it was time fill 330 bottles with the matured whisky. No chill filtering or caramel coloring was used and bottling took place at caskstrength with an ABV of 63%. It’s almost like the angels didn’t get a big share of this cask. (330 bottles at 0,7 liters gives a total volume of 231 liters)

  • Nose: The nose needs some time to open up. Some vanilla and citrus at first. Later some smoky and earthy notes. Quite a smooth nose for age and ABV. 
  • Taste: If I was to taste this in a blind tasting and had to guess the ABV, I would fill in 46%. I would be 17% off… The mouthfeel is fresh and friendly. Again vanilla and some citrus, sweet apple or is it pear? 
  • Finish: Not a very long finish but it’s nice with the apple notes.

I’m confused about this one. Scapa usualy matures their whisky in first fill American oak barrels. Highland Park uses different types of casks so a hogshead would lead to them. I would expect a more outspoken pallet for a Highland Park whisky though. Whatever it is, it’s a nice whisky for a summer evening in the garden. I would give this one an 83 score. 

Thanks Adrian Hoose!

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