Glen Moray 10yo First Fill Barrel by Claxton’s

door | november 11, 2020

It’s review time again! The next Claxton Spirits sample I received two weeks ago is in my Glencairn. This is a Speyside whisky, distilled at the Glen Moray distillery. It was part of a set containing seven whiskysamples.

Glen Moray is one of those whisky’s I normally walk past in a whiskyshop. Why? I don’t really know. Maybe the bottle or the label doesn’t attract me enough although I have bought an 8yo once for a friend. We tasted it together and it was quite nice then. Untill now that’s the only encounter I’ve had with Glen Moray. The distillery is situated near Elgin and even when Peter and I were in Elgin in 2014 we didn’t visit the distillery. I almost feel ashamed… I promise I’ll do my very best with this sample.

Glen Moray uses ex bourbon barrels for the maturation of their spirits. It’s no surprise that this whisky is also matured in a barrel. A first fill barrel that is. The whisky was distilled in november 2007. It was bottled recently at 54,5% without chillfiltering or caramel coloring. It should be nice!

  • Nose: Immediately there is sweet vanilla and lots of fresh citrus fruits! Lemon, oranges, tangerines and a hint of red grapefruit. Banana sweets (in Holland known as bananenschuimpjes). I like this!
  • Taste: A bit of a spicy start with some peppery notes. Not too much though. A nice and creamy mouthfeel takes over and then the sweet citrus fruits take over.
  • Finish: Medium length. Again mostly the sweet citrus notes.

This is a very nice and well balanced whisky. No overpowering alcohol or woodspices. Just very nice, sweet and friendly. I’d rate it at 85 points and if the finish was longer would go to 86 or even 87. 

Again, thanks to Adrian Hoose! This turns out to be a very nice collection of samples!

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