English Whisky Company 6yo Rum Cask by Claxton’s

door | november 11, 2020

I’m very sure I’ve never ever tasted a whisky that was distilled in England before. That’s going to change now because I received a box of samples earlier this week. The box was sent to me by Claxton Spirits and it contained seven samples of their newest bottlings. The first review will be the sample of the 6yo whisky that was distilled at St. George’s Distillery for The English Whisky company.

St. George’s Distillery was built by the Nelstrop family in Roudham, Norfolk. Water is drawn from the Breckland aquifer (a permeable rock that stores groundwater). The aquifer lays deep beneath the distillery and therefor is a very constant resource for producing singlemalt whisky. The second reason this distillery was built in Roudham is the fact that Norfolk is one of the world’s premier growing barley regions. Constant quality in water and barley should result in a constant quality in the spirit. 

Let’s have a go at this whisky then. The spirit was distilled in april 2011 and was recently bottled making this a 6 year old whisky. Between distilling and bottling the spirit was matured in a rum cask with casknumber 1838-457. As always Claxton Spirits doesn’t use caramel coloring or chill filtration and the whisky was bottled at caskstrength 60,5%.

  • Nose: Sweet barley sugar. Cereal mixed with some tropical fruits and honey. Floral notes as well. Very interesting for a young whisky.
  • Taste: Surprisingly smooth mouthfeel when you keep age and ABV in mind. Again sweet cereal taste combined with some nice fruits. A light note of ginger spicyness on the background.
  • Finish: Not a long finish but still it’s quite full of sweet tastes.

I didn’t know what to expect from this whisky at all. I was a bit sceptical to be honest. Only 6yo and English, not what I’m used to but this sure is a very nice whisky. I would rate this one with a very nice 84 points.

Thanks Adrian Hoose for sending me this sample!

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