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door | november 10, 2020

It must be about a year ago that Johan van Boxmeer, owner of The Old Pipe in St. Oedenrode, told me about his plans to bring a “new” independent bottler to his shop. His plans became a reality and by now all of the Dutch whisky enthusiasts know the characteristic bottles. A stylish bottle is one thing, it’s about the contents in my opinion and that’s why I was very glad to taste a few of the recently bottled expressions.

I’ve tasted samples of the Arran, Auchroisk and Glenrothes. Peter has a Ledaig in his collection and in a few weeks time a Ledaig , finished in an Oloroso Octave, will be bottled exclusively for a group of members of the S(ingle) M(alt) W(hisky) G(roup) on Facebook. Time to dive into the company behind these bottlings. By email I got in contact with Adrian Hoose, Commercial Director and son of one of the founders of Claxton’s Spirits.

Adrian told me that his father, Jack Hoose, and his father-in-law, Graeme Claxton, shared a passion for single cask whisky. This passion resulted in both families buying casks of whisky. At first they bought the casks for private use but soon this resulted in the establishment of Claxton’s. A 20yo Tobermory was the first whisky to be released as a Claxton’s Single Cask Whisky in 2016.


“This family appreciation for whisky forms the backbone of our approach to bottling casks.”

This means the Claxton’s company will only bottle casks which they consider to be of a very high quality. The casks must also offer something unique and unusual. Single cask bottlings always bring something different than official bottlings, at least that’s my opinion…


“This approach to bottling whisky is appreciated by a growing number of fellow whisky enthusiasts, who now trust that our name on the label is a sign that not only the quality is excellent but the single cask bottling will be a unique experience.”

I’d like to thank Adrian Hoose for answering my questions and I wish the company a lot of wisdom in buying and bottling lovely casks of whisky. I’m very much looking forward to the 10yo Oloroso finished Ledaig for the SMWG. I’ll tell you all more about that bottle when it’s arrived to my collection.

Claxton’s the Single Cask in Holland can be found at The Old Pipe, The Whiskybase Shop and Van Zuylen.

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