Claxton’s Ledaig 10yo SMWG Exclusive #1 The Old Pipe

door | november 10, 2020

A few years ago I started a group on Facebook for people who like single malt whisky. The name Single Malt Whisky Group later changed into SMWG and I created a logo to go with it. The logo was printed on T-shirts and hoodies, glencairns and copitas were engraved with it but, until now, it didn’t turn up on the label af a bottle of single malt whisky. 

About eight months ago Johan van Boxmeer, liquor store The Old Pipe in St. Oedenrode, contacted me. He told me about an opportunity to buy an octave (small cask) of Ledaig whisky. Bottler Claxton’s would be willing to make this possible for us. We just had to choose between an Oloroso finish or a Pedro Ximinez finish. Johan and I decided it had to be Oloroso.

Then the hard part started… We had to start selling the bottles before we even knew the taste of the whisky. We only knew it was a Ledaig whisky that had matured for ten years in a Bourbon Hogshead before it was reracked in octaves to finish for another 4 months. In a group of 3900 members the bottle sold out quickly and the waiting started.

Last week the bottle was released at Johan’s liquor store. Finally I got to taste the whisky for the first time. I was very pleased with the first sip of this whisky and now it’s time for me and Peter (who also bought a bottle of course) to give the spirit some more attention. 

This Ledaig was distilled at the Tobermory Distillery on the Isle of Mull. Initially matured in a Bourbon hogshead for ten years. Finishing took place in an Oloroso Octave before it was bottled in 74 bottles. The caskstrength ABV is 54,8%. The colour is natural and the whisky is bottled without chillfiltering, keeping all the good stuff inside the bottles.

Notes by Peter

  • Nose: Smoke, peat, caramel, honey, some vanilla, liqourice and sweetness.
  • Taste: Warm, full, smoke, peat, sweet (red fruit) liqourice, nuts, herbs, caramel and a bit salty.
  • Finish: Long, sweet, wood and smokey and peat.

This is a beautiful first one for this group! Well balanced with a nice combination of sweetness and peatsmoke. I’m sure that I’m going to enjoy this a lot for the winter.

Notes by Jeroen

  • Nose: Peaty and smoky as expected but there’s some fruits as well. Caramel fudge to top it off.
  • Taste: Red fruit, berries, sweet honey notes. Again some caramel. The peatsmoke is there but not too much.
  • Finish: Nice and long. The sweetness of the red fruit circles around the smoky peat notes.

A lovely balance between sweet fruity sherry notes, the bourbon hogshead and the peated spirit. I’m very pleased with this first SMWG bottle!

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