Auchentoshan 26yo Sherry Hogshead by Claxton’s

door | november 11, 2020

End of the line. Good things coming to an end. It’s time to review the last Claxton’s sample I received earlier this year. As you’ve seen I’ve lined them up according to age. Therefor it shouldn’t be surprising that this one is the oldest. A Lowland whisky distilled at the Auchentoshan distillery, matured in a Sherry Hogshead and bottled at an age of 26. Should be nice, don’t you think?

Auchentoshan is normally not one of my favorite brands. The core range is known for it’s smooth and friendly taste. Triple distillation partly causes this but it’s the chill filtering that really takes out the rough edges I might like. Luckily there are some independent bottlers that buy Auchentoshan casks to let us experience what Auchentoshan whisky really tastes like. 

Claxton’s is one of them and recently I received a samplebox that had an Auchentoshan sample in it. It’s a whisky that was distilled in october 1991. The spirit was matured in a Sherry Hogshead (Cask 1835-2918) and after 26 years it was bottled. As always, unchill filtered and without artificial coloring, it was bottled at cask strength with an ABV of 54,1%. A total of 217 bottles were filled.

  • Nose: Some spices, a combination licorice and soy. There is some red fruit as well. Later on some dried fruit notes appear. 
  • Taste: A hint of cinnamon-spicyness quickly developing to sweeter notes with some dark chocolate. More nutty notes and some raisins and dates.
  • Finish: Nice length with some sweet notes at first. A slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate and espresso take over te last for a longer period.

Not the average sweet sherrybomb. My guess is that wood from a medium dry sherry type cask was used in the hogshead. Then again, it does have the dark chocolate and dried fruit notes you get in Oloroso casks. I like this Auchentoshan especially when compared to the official bottlings.

Is the oldest whisky also the best sample in the box? No, not in my opinion but it does deserve an 86 rating. Best of the box for me is the 23yo Glen Keith. Adrian Hoose, I really enjoyed tasting these new exppressions. Thanks for giving me the opportunity!

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