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A small interview with David Stirk

August 2018 brought a small shock in the world of independent bottlers. The news was announced that David Stirk had sold The Creative Whisky Company. Such a shame that this highly respected bottler will no longer release new bottles of great whisky. I have enjoyed some very nice CWC bottlings in the past and I still have some nice ones in my collection. That’s why I wanted to ask David Stirk some questions about his former company. Not about why he has sold it though. I’m no journalist, I’m a hobbyist. I would like to know more about the hobbyist that started the company.

Two different bottlings drawn from one Deanston cask

A few years ago I bought a bottle of Deanston, bottled by The Creative Whisky Company. On the day I bought this bottle I found out that about half of the original cask already had been bottled a year earlier, also by The Creative Whisky Company. That called for a sample-swap and Wim Pollet was kind enough to send me a sample of his bottle. Today it’s time to finally find out how different both bottlings are. Or aren’t they?