Special Releases 2016, Cambus 40yo

door | november 9, 2020

This is our last whiskyreview of 2016 so let’s make it a special one. Special because this whisky is part of the Diageo Special Releases 2016 series and also special because it’s the first single grain whisky we’ve ever reviewed on our website. The third reason this whisky is special is the fact that the distillery has been closed since 1993. Today we review the 40yo Cambus single grain whisky.

Cambus used to be situated in Tullibody in the Clackmannanshire council area in the Scottish Lowlands. The Cambus distillery was founded in 1806 by James Moubray. It’s objective back then was to distil malt whisky. Three decades later, in 1837, the distillery was re-equipped for grain distilling. In 1877 the Distillers Company was formed and Cambus was one of the six Lowland distilleries to take part in this organisation. In 1914 a big fire destroyed the distillery and that could have been the end of it back then. In fact it would have been if it wasn’t completely rebuilt in 1938.

The Cambus 40yo is the third single grain whisky that made it to become part of a Special Releases series. The spirit was distilled in 1975 and it was matured in American oak hogsheads. It was bottled at cask strentgh with an ABV of 52,7%. The number of individually numbered bottles is limited to 1812 worldwide. As I said earlier, this should be something special.

Notes by Peter

  • Nose: Very nice aroma’s, sweet tropical fruit, caramel, banana, coconut, and oak.
  • Taste: Vanilla, orange, pear and mango. Later a bit dry and peppery and some nuts.
  • Finish: Long. Again sweet and vanilla!

This is a wonderful Single grain! 

Notes by Jeroen

  • Nose: Wow, this is something else! A bit of solvents and glue right after pouring but when it gets settled the whisky opens up. Tropical fruits like mango and banana. There’s orange as well. Caramel sweetness accompanied by some spicy notes of cinnamon.
  • Taste: This is beautiful stuff! Sweet and yet a bit of a drying sensation. Mango tea comes to mind. Vanilla sweetness, again tropical fruits.
  • Finish: Nice length, the mango tea sensation and the vanilla sweetness take turns in their presence.

I have been told earlier that single grain whisky’s can be great, especially when they’re old… I guess this is an example of that!

Thanks Diageo Netherlands for this fantastic chance to taste this beautiful whisky!

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